This school offers you courses to develop your psychic capacities which can be as simple as trusting yourself to being able to have out-of-body experiences.

If you have some experience or none at all, there are courses in here for everyone.

Trusting yourself and your knowing is all part of developing your psychic skills and these are things that can be used in your everyday life from business, to relationships, to knowing what your body would like to eat. It is about creating a life that you are confident in.

Hi, I’m Milica Jelenic

At a very young age I knew people were lying to me when they said, "There are no such thing as ghosts or witches" and I felt that they couldn't be right, for one, I was pretty sure I was a witch and for another I was pretty sure I saw and felt ghosts. It's those early childhood things that sometimes are the root of the truth of who you are. I spent years reading books about all things related to psychic phenomen, watched every show I could find about it, spend my days off school going to psychics to be mystified by them. After many psychics telling me that I was psychic I thought I may as well go for it. So I did, I put out my shingle at around the age of 22 and have been offering readings as part of my business ever since. I hope that my over 25 years of work with private clients, corporate parties, events, and teaching classes will contribute to you having an enjoyable and transformative time in class with me.