Do you every have that feeling?

Do you ever have a feeling, and you can't quite figure out what it is but you feel something like a warning? That's your awareness, that is part of being psychic!

Your capacities may not even be recognizable to you yet as we have ideas about what psychic is, or should be, and what if there is a whole lot more to it and you can enhance yoru skills and confidence?

Milica Jelenic

Welcome to the world of psychic development.

Growing up with an awareness of energies all around and not knowing what any of it was had things feel very confusing at times. I began to read books on psychic capacities when I was in seventh grade and felt like, "ahh, this is home, this is what I know" and so began my search for mentors.

Over the years I have taken and taught hundreds of classes on psychic development for some very basic skills like learning how to decipher what your "No" and "Yes" are, to some more advanced things like "out of body experiences".

I am excited to be creating on classes on here to share everything I know about psychic development with you. Are you excited to learn?

The Beginning

"I have never had such a deep dive into so many different aspects of psychic development a I did with this course" ~Amy W

Beginners' Tarot Class

" I took this tarot class, and gathered confidence " ~Irmgard H

Pendulum Play

"I use to feel so scared that I was going to do something wrong, and knowing how to use a pendulum, and even how to use my body as a pendulum, has made my life so much better, Thank You!" ~Francine D

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